CF Summer Retreat Scholarship Application

CFRI welcomes attendees from around the nation to our CF Summer Retreat. We seek to reduce financial barriers so as to expand participation among our diverse CF community. As such, scholarships are offered to those who cannot attend this event due to financial hardship. In considering whether to apply for a scholarship, we kindly ask you to reflect on whether this applies to you, and if not, to please allow those who need the scholarship to receive this support. Scholarships are offered to individuals who otherwise would not attend the retreat due to financial constraints.

If you wish to attend the retreat, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship as soon as possible. The first round of scholarship applications will be reviewed by May 15th. We may announce a second date depending on how much funds are granted during the first round. We hope to find additional funding to grant as many scholarships as possible but scholarships may be limited.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary at 650.665.7559 or We will contact you before the event to inform you of the status of your application. We hope you can join us!