Research Awardees

Current CFRI-Funded Cystic Fibrosis Researchers

New Horizons Research

Jeff Wine, PhD, and Nam Soo Joo, PhD: A Novel Approach to Improve Mucociliary Clearance for CF Patients; Co-Principal Investigators, Stanford University

Paul Quinton, PhD, and Guillermo Flores-Delgado, PhD: Assessing the Role of Secretory and Absorptive Epithelium Lining Conductive Airways; Co-Principal Investigators, University of California San Diego

Peter Haggie, PhD: Novel Therapeutic Approaches for Cystic Fibrosis Caused by the W1282x Premature Termination Codon; Principal Investigator, University of California San Francisco

AKM Shamsuddin, PhD: Pharmacology of CFTR HCO3 Secretion in Native Small Airways in Health and Disease; Principal Investigator, University of California San Diego



Elizabeth Nash Memorial Fellowship

Kenichi Okuda, MD: Mucociliary Clearance Regulation in the Maintenance of Lung Homeostasis; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (Richard Boucher, MD, Principal Investigator)